Long Distance Towing Services

Haymarket Long Distance Towing

Do you need to transport your vehicles across the state and not quite sure who to call for the job? We are a reliable and trustworthy towing service company in Virginia who’s been in the business for many years. Our reputation as a fast and reliable towing company precedes us. We have been in this business more than enough to earn expertise in hauling vehicles. Short or long distance is not a matter of concern. We are not just a towing company, we offer a lot of other special services. Our commitment to our community is why we were here

Over the years we have transported vehicles outside of Virginia across other states and we are proud to say we have delivered them in tip-top shape. There is no room for error. And while it is inevitable to encounter problems along the way, our highly capable towing crew always makes sure that their top priority is secure the vehicles and deliver it on time.

We perfectly understand that customers might have qualms about entrusting their cars and vehicles to a total stranger. This is why we provide the best training and pieces of equipment to our towing crew so that they too can work on the task hassle-free.

While in transit we will constantly update you with our towing crews’ progress. Especially in cases where the destination is quite far, we don’t want you to worry about them. Our customer service representatives will be sending you updates. You can also call us anytime if you want to personally follow up on your vehicles too. Our personnel will gladly assist you and provide all the information you need about the vehicle en route.

Once the vehicle has arrived at its designation we follow a strict rule of turn over. In cases such as these, we don’t take any chances. The person to receive the vehicle should be authorized by the owner or shipper. We will require proof of identity, documents to prove they are authorized to receive it and we will be in touch with you through this process. Unless all requirements are in place the vehicle shall not be released. This is to ensure that our customer and the companies interest are protected.

For any long distance towing needs please call us ahead of time so we can schedule your request. We will need documents to process the towing across state lines so booking ahead will be most convenient for everyone concerned. Although we do have enough towing trucks for all types of vehicles, long distance towing requires a different truck and this has to be prepared ahead of time. In cases of immediate needs, we will do our best to attend to it. However, in order to avoid any inconveniences, we strongly encourage you to call us ahead of time and ask for assistance. We will be more than glad to read you through the process. With Haymarket Towing Services, we make you our top priority.


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